Carolyn Anderson, PhD

Medical/Graduate School Florida State University
Clinical/Post-doctoral Fellowship Washington University
& Programs
Nuclear Medicine
Clinical Interest Translating novel PET agents for cancer imaging into humans
Research Interest Development of novel molecular imaging agents that target cancer and cancer metastasis
Selected Publications   1) Guo Y, Ferdani R, Anderson CJ. Preparation and biological evaluation of 64Cu-labeled Tyr3-octreotate using a phosphonic acid-based cross-bridged macrocyclic chelator. Bioconjugate Chemistry, 2012; 23:1470-1477.

2) Shokeen M, Zheleznyak A, Wilson JM, Jiang M, Liu R, Ferdani R, Lam KS, Schwarz JK, Anderson CJ. Molecular imaging of very late antigen-4 (41 integrin) in the pre-metastatic niche. Journal of Nuclear Medicine, 2012; 53:779-786.

3) Zheleznyak A, Wadas TJ, Sherman CD, Wilson JM, Kostenuik PJ, Weilbaecher KN, Anderson CJ. Integrin v3 as a PET Imaging Biomarker for Osteoclast Number in Mouse Models of Negative and Positive Osteoclast Regulation. Molecular Imaging and Biology, 2012; 14:500-508.

4) Ferdani R, Stigers DJ, Fiamengo AL, Wei L, Li BTY, Golen JA, Rheingold AL, Weisman GL, Wong EH, Anderson CJ. Synthesis, Cu(II) complexation, 64Cu-labeling and biological evaluation of cross-bridged cyclam chelators with phosphonate pendant arms. Dalton Transactions, 2012; 41:1938-1950.

5) Nguyen K, Parry JJ, Rogers BE, Anderson CJ. Evaluation of copper-64-labeled somatostatin agonists and antagonist in sstr2-transfected cell lines that are positive and negative for p53: implications for cancer therapy. Nuclear Medicine and Biology, 2012; 39:187-197.

6)Odendaal AY, Fiamengo AL, Ferdani R, Wadas TJ, Hill DC, Peng Y, Heroux KJ, Golen JA, Rheingold AL, Anderson CJ, Weisman GR, Wong EH. A Trimethylene versus an Ethylene Cross-bridged Tetraazamacrocycle and in vitro/in vivo Comparisons of their Copper(II) Complexes. Inorganic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, 2011; 50:3078-86.

7)Shokeen M, Pressly ED, Hagooly A, Zheleznyak A, Ramos N, Fiamengo AL, Welch MJ, Hawker CJ, Anderson CJ. Evaluation of multivalent, multi-functional polymeric nanoparticles for imaging applications. ACS Nano, 2011; 5:738-747.

8)Wadas TJ, Sherman CD, Miner JH, Duncan JR, Anderson CJ. The Biodistribution of [153Gd]Gd-Labeled Magnetic Resonance Contrast Agents in a Transgenic Mouse Model of Renal Failure Differs Greatly from Control Mice. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 2010; 64:1274-1280.

9)Wadas TJ, Wong EH, Weisman GR, Anderson CJ. Coordinating radiometals of copper, gallium, indium, yttrium and zirconium for PET and SPECT imaging of disease. Chemical Reviews, 2010; 110:2858-2902.

10)Shokeen M, Anderson CJ. Molecular imaging of cancer with copper Radiopharmaceuticals and positron emission tomography (PET). Accounts of Chemical Research, 2009; 42:832-841.

11) Wadas TJ, Deng H, Sprague JE, Zheleznyak A, Weilbaecher KN, Anderson CJ. Targeting the v3 integrin for small animal PET/CT imaging of osteolytic bone metastases. Journal of Nuclear Medicine, 2009; 50:1873-1880

12) Almutairi A, Rossin R, Shokeen M, Hagooly A, Ananth A, Capoccia B, Guillaudeu S, Abendschein D, Anderson CJ, Welch MJ, Frchet JMJ. Biodegradable dendritic positron emitting nanoprobes for the non invasive imaging of angiogenesis. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, 2009; 106:685-690.

13) Wadas TJ, Eiblmaier M, Zheleznyak A, Sherman CD, Ferdani R, Liang K, Achilefu S, Anderson CJ. Preparation and biological evaluation of 64Cu-CB-TE2A-sst2-ANT, a somatostatin antagonist for PET imaging of somatostatin receptor positive tumors. Journal of Nuclear Medicine, 2008; 49:1819-1827.

14)Eiblmaier M, Meyer LA, Anderson CJ. The Role of p53 in the Trafficking of Copper-64 to Tumor Cell Nuclei. Cancer Biology and Therapy, 2008; 7:63-69.
Honors and  
Michael J. Welch Award from the Society of Nuclear Medicine (June 10, 2012)
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