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Dr. John Feist | Margie Brindle Visit to UPMC | RSNA 2018: University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Department of Radiology

Dr. John Feist

Dr. John Feist, a renowned chest radiologist at the University of Pittsburgh for 40 years passed away peacefully in his adopted state of Vermont. John was one of the founding fathers of the Department of Radiology. He started his radiology career at the University of Pittsburgh in 1957 and he was key contributor to the department’s exponential growth. He memorialized those early success in a 1994 AJR article: Dr. Feist was the interim Department Chair in the late 1960s and was the Director of Outpatient Radiology at the Falk Clinic in the early 1980s. He was a Fellow of the American College of Radiology and was a past President of the Pennsylvania Radiological Society. His close connections to the medical center, the department and close colleagues were paramount to him and he continued to be a model of dignity, grace, and intellectual curiosity after his retirement in 1997.

Margie Brindle Visit to UPMC

Chairman, Jules Sumkin with Margie Brindle and Vice-Chairman Mitch Tublin. Margie was a long time fixture in the department and most of our former residents will remember her fondly. She was the coordinator for medical students for over 25 years and worked with Drs. Sandra Oldham, Ronald Hoy, and Carl Fuhrman. Margie will be 80 on June 29, 2019.

RSNA 2018: University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Department of Radiology

UPMC RSNA Book 2018
Once again, UPMC radiology was well represented at RSNA this year. Faculty and trainees gave 11 scientific sessions, prepared 4 educational exhibits and lectured in 9 refresher/educational courses. Dr. Rath chaired the RSNA Educational Exhibits Awards committee, and as track committee chairs, Drs. Tublin and Zuley assembled outstanding ultrasound and breast refresher course series. Faculty, trainees and many alumni again enjoyed a spectacular Tuesday night reception. The alumni network continues to expand, and it was great to again hear of the accomplishments of our many outstanding alumni.