Informatics Research

An expert team of engineers and programmers comprise the informatics team, which is responsible for imaging informatics applications, teleradiology and digital information workflow. In addition, the division is world-renowned for its design, implementation, support, and evaluation of picture archiving and communications systems (PACS) and related technologies.

Notably, the informatics team developed the technology behind iSite (formerly known as Stentor), a leading PACS provider. In 1998, the division invented a software product that made it possible to view medical images electronically over ordinary networks of personal computers, while preserving the images’ integrity. This novel technology enhanced patient care, providing physicians and other health care workers with efficient, convenient, and affordable access to medical records. Stentor was acquired by Royal Philips Electronics, but the division continues its role in creating and validating the fundamental designs of the iSite system. The informatics division continues to develop and implement various enhancements for the PACS that greatly benefit clinical imaging workflow. The team also continues the innovative streak by leading UPMC into the next era of PACS with applications such as Advanced Visualization (3D/4D imaging) and teleradiology.

Lab Members: