MRRC: User & Research Grant Support

MR Research Center (MRRC) User & Research Grant Support

The MR Research Center supports users through its research facilities, services, and personnel.

New Studies and Prospective Users:
If you are preparing a grant proposal that will use MRRC resources and/or personnel/faculty, please contact our Grants Coordinator Kelley Kelley at for assistance with grant materials (biosketches and resource pages) & budgets. If you are interested in designing a research study using the MRRC resources, we suggest you contact one of our Core staff physicists (Drs. Hetherington. Schirda, and Kim) for assistance with research pulse sequences and data analysis tools. Please also see the MRRC Pilot Time webpage to learn about applying for scanner time to obtain preliminary data for grant applications.

Protocol Meeting:
Users with funded studies and an approved IRB must have a protocol meeting prior to scanning human subjects at the MRRC. To schedule your protocol meeting, please contact: Dr Hetherington at

Technical or Operational Issues:
If you are having an issue with the performance of your research study or data, please contact: Dr Hetherington at Issues are typically resolved quickly after being reported. For questions about obtaining scanner data or the use of the fMRI equipment, please contact Steve Hegedus at for technical support. The MRRC also has a bimonthly operations meeting to address the most challenging operational issues.

Physics Working Group:
The MRRC has a physics working group that regularly meets to address technical challenges and research issues. If you would like to request the attention of the working group to address a technical issue (e.g., data quality and analysis, pulse sequence, or coil), please contact: Dr Hetherington at