Thoracic Imaging Division

Thoracic Imaging

The thoracic division interprets chest radiographs, thoracic CT and MR exams, PET/CT of primary chest abnormalities and thoracic diseases, and cardiac MR and CT. The strongest area of growth and focus is in cardiac imaging, and division faculty are engaged in intensive clinical research in this arena—a recent project involved the evaluation of injector protocols. To this end, faculty utilize 1.5T MR and 64-slice CT, as well as a dedicated cardiac reading room with cutting-edge post-processing software. Further, the division enjoys a collegial relationship with the departments of cardiology and cardiac surgery, which further encourages the development of cardiac imaging at UPMC.

In addition to services provided to the inpatients and outpatients at UPMC, the division engages in outside projects such as interpretation of all local chest radiographs for the national Prostate/Lung/Colorectal/Ovarian (PLCO) Cancer Screening Trial, a funded, national 16-year study with 148,000 enrolled subjects. The division is based at UPMC Presbyterian, and staff rotate at UPMC Shadyside. In addition, the division interprets all chest radiographs from the Allegheny County Department of Health’s TB screening program.