Women’s Imaging Division

Christiane Hakim, MD
Chief: Radiology at Magee-Womens Hospital of UPMC
Director: Women’s Imaging Fellowship
Clinical Director: Breast Imaging at Hillman
Professor of Radiology

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The Women’s Imaging Division at Magee-Womens Hospital of UPMC provides a broad range of diagnostic and interventional procedures. The three sections within the division are Interventional Radiology, Body Imaging and Breast Imaging.

The Interventional Radiology Section provides advanced care to women including uterine artery embolization for fibroids, intra-arterial balloon placement for anticipated complex surgical cases, and a variety of vascular access procedures, among many others. Interdisciplinary conferences and clinics are conducted to discuss the best therapy options for cases that may be quite complex.

The Body Imaging Section performs a wide variety of specialized procedures such as fallopian tube re-canalization, hysterosalpingogram, image-guided biopsies and drainages, obstetrical MRI, vascular ultrasound, radiation therapy planning, PET/CT imaging, nuclear medicine, sentinel node injection for pelvic malignancies, and general MRI/CT/ultrasound imaging. Close collaboration with clinical services is advanced with multidisciplinary conferences on topics such as MRI imaging, fibroid imaging, and endometriosis.

As a Center of Excellence for pelvic floor dysfunction, advancements in therapy include multidisciplinary collaboration on complicated cases, specialized pelvic floor dysfunction MRI, and multi-institutional research grants (including the DEMAND Trial) for the sole purpose of treating this increasingly common array of symptoms and anatomic defects affecting so many women.

Additional areas of research include the study of Essure tubes for sterilization, MATCH protocol for selecting appropriate cancer therapies, ongoing research on malignant ascites, and MRI protocol selection for better tumor recognition, among others. Also supported is one of the country’s largest bariatrics practices.

In addition, the Women’s Imaging Division boasts one of the largest fellowship training programs in the country with four clinical instructors per year. In existence since 1992, this program has advanced the expertise in women’s imaging both locally and across the country. Fellows also experience subspecialty training in breast imaging to be discussed subsequently.

Jules Sumkin, DO, FACR

Professor and Chairman: Department of Radiology
UPMC Endowed Chair of Women's Imaging