Celebratory Dinner Held for Graduating Residents

The department recently held a graduation dinner for the 4th year residents at the University Club. Residents had the opportunity to vote for faculty for several awards, which were then presented at this dinner. Recipients included Dr. Matthew Heller, who received the Federle Mentorship Award, and Dr. Carl Fuhrman, who received the Ronald J. Hoy Excellence in Teaching Award. Residents chose Abdominal Imaging for the Division of the Year Award.

Divisional Teaching Awards were also announced:
AI – Dr. Matthew Heller
Chest – Dr. Glenn Andrews
EM – Dr. James Patrick
Women’s – Dr. Rita Zuley
IR – Dr. Ernesto Santos
MSK – Dr. Carol Andrews
Neuro – Dr. Tanya Rath
Nuc Med – Dr. Judi Joyce
Peds – Dr. Judy Squires

Dr. Chuanxing Qu selected for the Sandra Hamdani Memorial Resident Award
Dr. Steven Boe selected as Fellow of the Year
Dr. Anish Ghodadra won the Roentgen Resident/Fellow Research Award

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