Huaxi Radiology Student Lectures

The International Team and UPMC Radiology have collaborated to provide imaging students at the Huaxi Medical School of Sichuan University in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China an education experience of best radiology practices in a US healthcare system. The lectures beginning on March 25, 2021 is an adaptation from original planned observerships at Presbyterian Hospital. For eight weeks, students are provided two-hour lectures which include multiple imaging modalities, introduction to Pacs, research practices in radiology, advancement in virtual radiology and importance of 3D imaging lab to name a few. Due to current travel restrictions, the curriculum was converted to a virtual learning opportunity.

The onsite radiology curriculum is designed to provide students an in-person experience of patient care, learning, and culture that UPMC is nationally known for. By directly observing specialists in each department, students will have the opportunity to view trauma and emergency work and radiologist’s workflow that cannot be incorporated in a virtual curriculum. Students will quickly learn how to build a trusting relationship with patients while providing exceptional care.

The virtual radiology curriculum developed specifically for Huaxi gives students the ability to learn directly from leaders within each department. The individuals demonstrating radiologic exams and presenting lectures are experts in their respectable field. Each lecture was thoughtfully planned to include key information and specific education goals for students. Not only will students gain knowledge on the essential aspects of a specific department, also included is education on teamwork, patient safety considerations, patient interactions, and discussions on how students could pursue additional specialties. All direct patient care areas were pre-recorded to demonstrate technologist and patient interaction and comply with HIPPA regulations. These videos are included into the synchronous lectures each week.