2020-03-09 NEW MRRC Coronavirus Procedures

March 09, 2020

Due to the potential hazards of Coronavirus (COVID-19), we are following the policies of other centers and restricting access for individuals (research team members or participants) who have traveled to a CDC Level 3 travel warning country (currently: China, Iran, South Korea and Italy) until they have passed the quarantine of 14 days after returning to the US or if they have current symptoms of a cold or flu (e.g., fever, cough). We advise that you inform your research team and participants when scheduling a scan and reschedule when necessary. The MRRC will continue to practice safe hygiene including changing linens between scans and now wiping the equipment after each use and asking research teams to wipe down equipment in the practice room after each use with disinfecting wipes provided. In addition, participants will be screened again by the MRRC before proceeding with a scan.

Download the form: MRRC Coronavirus Assessment on Day of Scan

Here we provide a suggested script based on the one used by our colleagues at the BRIDGE center:

If you currently have a cold, the flu, a fever, a cough, or otherwise do not feel well, please let the research team know. They will be happy to reschedule your MRI scan for a time when you feel better. Also, given the situation regarding coronavirus (COVID-19) out of an abundance of caution, we are asking anyone who has traveled to a country under a Level 3 CDC travel warning within the last 14 days to not come to campus. Currently, these countries are China, Iran, South Korea and Italy. If you have traveled to one of these countries in the last 14 days, please let the research team know and they will reschedule your scan for a later date.

We will keep users informed of any developments on this front as the University of Pittsburgh continues to monitor developments https://www.emergency.pitt.edu/. Please let us know if we can assist you in implementing this new procedure.