2020-05-28 MRRC Status: Reopening Stand Operating Procedures

May 28, 2020

Dear Colleagues,

Attached is the standard operating procedure (SOP) for the MRRC going forward. Please read through the SOP and if you have specific concerns/questions feel free to reach out to Jen Dobberstein or myself. The SOP was developed via the MRRC advisory group in consultation with other MRI programs.

I am asking that each investigator or their staff complete this online form requesting information needed to address your project’s scheduling needs. Please complete the online form for each separate project by June 3.

As you will surmise, the density of scheduling has to be significantly reduced to provide adequate safety measures for our subjects and staff. This is the same issue every place of business is experiencing. This reduction in the number of available slots can be in principle be completely addressed through use of Prisma 3 and a significant reduction in cancellation rates. The extent to which we can meet pre-shutdown utilization levels thus is a direct function of the extent to which investigators can exercise flexibility in which systems and times they are willing to use.

Thus, the questionnaire is important in providing the necessary information to most efficiently and equitably distribute the available system time. In short, if we all ask for what we absolutely need, as opposed to what we want, the whole community will benefit.

Hopefully we can return to a more dense schedule once the current situation is better under control or it becomes clear that we can operate safely with higher density scheduling or longer hours.


Hoby Hetherington