2020-06-18 MRRC Status: Reopening Updated SOP + Modified COVID-19 Fixed Schedule

June 18, 2020

Dear Colleagues,

Attached you will find 2 documents, an updated copy of our COVID-19 Research operations Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and the fixed block schedule for the systems. Note we have not included the Bioengineering dedicated days on the 7T system (Tuesday and Wednesday) as those are managed separately. Based on the completed questionnaires submitted we have allocated time slots to most closely match previous utilization, requested utilization and system preference. In this initial phase of reopening a number of our practices had to be modified to improve safety in response to the current pandemic and are described in detail in the attached SOP. To enhance safety we needed to decrease density at the MRRC, which has resulted in fewer and longer time slots for MRI studies and restrictions on occupancy of various rooms including closing some problematic areas. As we progress through this initial period we will be assessing the extent to which increased scheduling density and areas which are now closed can be reopened without compromising safety. This will be done on a bi-weekly/monthly basis with our advisory group. As part of this process, we may need to modify our schedule or procedures to better adhere to any guidelines/restrictions identified by UPMC, the University of Pittsburgh and any local, state or federal agency. It is critical that we all adhere to the approved procedures to minimize the risk to ourselves and our subjects. I ask all of you to be patient during this process as we reopen the MRRC and hopefully return to a more conventional schedule and operational procedures. Your compliance and assistance will have a direct impact on our ability to remain open for the community and how rapidly we can return to more routine operations. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact myself or Jen Dobberstein with questions.

Please click on images to download or view full form.

Thank you for your assistance in advance.

Hoby Hetherington