2020-07-01 MRRC Reminders for Reopening + Investigator Agreement

July 01, 2020

Good Afternoon,

In opening the MRRC back up for research, operations are very different. We would like to send a few reminders, our SOP, and an investigator agreement. We are asking that PI’s review the SOP with their staff and complete an Investigator Agreement, this will be required to be signed and returned-before your first study can be confirmed/scheduled.

A few reminders:

      • Our communications and policies are also posted to the MRRC website: http://www.rad.pitt.edu/mrrc-home.html
      • Please check with your staff members to make sure they are receiving communications from the MRRC. If not please have them contact me to be added
      • If your study requires the practice room for 30 minutes before your slot, an urgent or priority request needs to be submitted through the online scheduling system. These rooms are by request only. We will call 15 minutes before the start of the practice room time or when both the tech and room are ready.
      • Research staff and participants are to not come to the MR center, until they are called by an MRI tech. This leads to more people than are allowed at the MR center at one time, which may require MRRC operations to shut down indefinitely.
      • A phone number of the research staff conducting the study visit at the MR center is required, this needs to be added to the assigned slot under Primary contact in the online scheduling system. If a phone number is not provided of the research staff that will be escorting the subject/conducting the study visit under primary contact, the slot will be canceled.

If you have questions, please let us know!

Please click on images to download or view full form.

Thank you,

Jennifer Dobberstein

Hoby Hetherington