2020-07-21 MRRC: Prisma 3 Ready for Testing

July 21, 2020

Dear Colleagues,

With the exception of a couple of protocols which use home written sequences and network ports, Prisma 3 is now ready for operation. The delay we experienced was due to the need to acquire additional software licenses from Siemens to support table driven DTI. Since these are all new studies on this system, I am requesting that all users review the PDFs of their protocols and then setup a test scan to confirm their protocol. This should include evaluation of any timing issues associated with paradigm presentation. As per our policy, we will not charge for this initial test scan. Jen will be sending you the protocols in the coming days. Please review them carefully to ensure that the imaging parameters are what you wish. In the process of converting from VE11C to VE11E (required for the new system) some minor changes in timing may occur.

Hoby Hetherington