2020-10-16 Denser Schedule Announcement, Schedule + Equipment Survey Response Requested

October 16, 2020

Dear MRRC Research Community,

Beginning December 1st, 2020 the MRRC schedule will transition from 2 hour blocks to flexible scheduling. There will still be a required 30 minutes between each scan, to allow for cleaning and the room to rest. This change will provide dense scheduling. Since many studies are now approved to continue we are asking that all investigators/staff complete a survey about their scheduling needs for the next 6 months for each project. Based on the answers to this survey we will create a new fixed schedule. Please note, we are not operating at 100%, but we will try to accommodate requests as best we can for the entire MRRC Research Community.

We would also like to get a clearer picture of what equipment each study uses, and are requesting that users complete a second survey.

We ask investigators/staff to complete the surveys by 4pm on Friday October 23rd, 2020. These two surveys will close at this time. Please use the following links to access each survey:

Schedule Survey
Study Equipment Survey

REMINDERS: Please check with your staff to ensure they are receiving MRRC communications, if not please let me know, Jen Dobberstein (dobbersteinj@pitt.edu). Our Communications and Policies are available on our website.

Jennifer Dobberstein