2021-01-25 MRRC: Use of Schedule Reminders

January 25, 2021

Dear MRRC Users,

There have been many questions about use of the schedule from users, along with many cancelations for not to providing contact information for the slot under primary contact. We would like to take an opportunity to provide a quick summary to answer questions and address common things that are occurring:

    • A major change to the schedule recently has been changing the Available status to “Available by Request” (white color); which requires a priority or urgent request to be submitted. Users are no longer able to add to the schedule, and must request time on the systems and ancillary rooms by submitting a request through the scheduling system. A link for either type of request can be found on the main page of the schedule in the lower left hand corner, below the key (see photo below highlighted in yellow). Please do not call/ email the MR Staff to request the slot, as this leads to opportunities for miss communication, or the request being missed.

    • Please do not edit your slot after it has been confirmed, it will revert the status back to “submitted”. If you edit the slot after it is confirmed please resend the subject information to confirm the slot.
      PER COVID-19 SOP “Once the slot is confirmed (yellow) users should not edit the slot. If the user edits the slot it will revert back to the status to submitted. The user will then need to resubmit the subject information to confirm the slot. If this is not done the slot maybe canceled or released back to the community.”

    • Please provide a phone number for the slot, failure to do so will cancel the slot.
      PER COVID-19 SOP “A phone number of the research staff conducting the study visit at the MR center is required, this needs to be added to the assigned slot under Primary contact in the online scheduling system. This is separate from the MR safety subject information form and an additional step, directions are located on the MRRC Website and Appendix B.”

        • There are 2 separate requirements that need to be completed by the user to confirm the slot (Failure to complete both steps will result in the slot being canceled):

            1. Providing Telephone number for the Primary contact by editing the slot (directions are located on the MRRC Website and Appendix B)

            2. Submitting Subject information for the slot

Please use our SOP’s, how to’s and communications as references.

If you have any questions or would like to set up a time to do a quick use of the schedule tutorial, please email Jen Dobberstein.

Thank you,
Ashok Panigrahy, Bea Luna, and Jen Dobberstein