MRRC: User & Research Grant Support

New Studies and Prospective Users:
If you are planning on submitting a new grant that will use MRRC resources and/or personnel/faculty or have a new study, please complete the updated MRRC intent form including a copy of your specific aims so that the MRRC can ensure that you studies are supported appropriately. Please send the intent form in an editable word document to allow radiology to complete their portion and any potential changes. The MRRC intent form and specific aims should be sent to both Dr. Chan Moon ( Older versions of the intent form template will not be accepted.

We ask that a copy of the specific aims to be included to ensure:
    • There is a clear understanding of the scanning requirements of your protocol
    • The MRRC is able to provide the best advice to achieve optimal imaging
    • The MRRC has the resources to support the MRI protocol
Once the intent form is approved by all parties by e-mail (MRRC, PI, and grants administrator) it will be sent by the MRRC through Docusign to collect the signatures.

Protocol Meeting for New Studies:
Once your study is funded and you have IRB approval, please contact Dr. Chan Moon to set up a protocol meeting.