2015 Pittsburgh MR Imaging Community Retreat

The 4th annual Pittsburgh MR Imaging Community Retreat was recently held in the Biomedical Science Tower. The retreat consisted of a poser session and talks that highlighted work done at each of the imaging centers across the community. At the end of the retreat, winners were announced for best poster in three groups:

1. Students
    Bart Larsen: The development of convergent corticostrial connectivity during adolescence.

2. Postdoctoral Fellows
    Alex Poplawsky: Pharmacological blockade of inhibitory neuronal activation reduces the evoked fMRI response to LOT stimulation in the rat olfactory bulb.

3. Junior Faculty
    Layla Banihashemi: Childhood adversity predicts the structural integrity of limbic white matter in combat veterans.

The Abstract Booklet from the 2015 Pittsburgh Imaging Community Retreat