Departmental and Resident Achievements 2015

Departmental Achievements:

Dr. Barton Branstetter is Editor-in-Chief of Neurographics
Neurographics is the educational journal of the American Society of Neuroradiology. Dr. Barton Branstetter, Chief of Neuroradiology at the University of Pittsburgh, has served as the Editor-in-Chief since its inception in 2011. Developed as a way to disseminate the educational content from ASNR’s national meeting, Neurographics primarily features review articles that use a pictorial approach, but also includes technical reports, case reports, case series, and clinical vignettes. This bimonthly journal provides enough Self-Assessment CME content for neuroradiologists to meet all of their Maintenance of Certification requirements.

Resident Achievements:

Annual Meeting of the AUR—7 residents attended at the annual meeting of the Association of University Radiologists in New Orleans LA from April 14-17, 2015. Many residents showed posters, headed discussion groups, and chaired meetings at this event.

Andrew Degnan MD, second year radiology resident, was completed the William Olmsted Editorial Fellow Award by the Radiologic Society of North America (RSNA) and was invited to speak to the editorial board of Radiology during the annual RSNA meeting in Chicago in December. Only 1 award of this type is nationally. Andrew received a travel grant to spend several days interning in the production offices of the journals Radiology (Boston, MA), Radiographics (Burlington VT) and RSNA Publications (Oak Brook IL).

Alisa Sumkin, second year resident, served on the GMEC Recruitment, Orientation, Activities, and Retention Sub-Committee (ROAR).

Joseph Delic, second year resident was awarded the RSNA/ARRS/AUR Introduction to Academic Radiology and attended a development program and workshops at the annual RSNA meeting in Chicago from November 30-December 5.

Joseph Benjamin, third year resident, served as resident member of the UPMC Resident Finance and Benefit Committee.

Orrie Close, first year resident, was selected to as a resident representative for the national meetings of the Pennsylvania Radiological Society and the American College of Radiology in Washington DC from May 15-19, 2015.

Michael Magnetta and Michael Yannes, first year residents, were selected by the Pennsylvania Radiological Society as resident representatives for the Day at the Capitol Program during which they accompanied lobbyists to Harrisburg to meet with state legislators.

Anish Ghodadra, second year resident, received the AUR RADIOLOGY RESIDENT ACADEMIC LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT (ARRALD) PROGRAM award and attended various leadership and academic development workshops during the annual AUR meeting in New Orleans LA from April 14-17, 2015.

Michael Yannes and CJ Nworgu, second year residents, established a Rad-AID chapter for the residency program. Rad-AID International is an organization dedicated to optimize access to medical imaging and radiology in poor and developing regions of the world and to increase radiology’s contribution to public health initiatives. Michal and CJ accompanied a mission trip to Haiti.

Steven Sherry, second year resident, received the ASNR’s Outstanding Presentation Award in Adult Brain/General Neuroradiology at the 53rd Annual Meeting of the American Society of Neuroradiology in Chicago for his paper, Determination of the Minimum Mean Structural Similarity Index (mSSIM) Necessary to Preserve Image Quality When Utilizing Compressed Sensing MR in Neuroimaging.

Anish Ghodadra, second year resident, received the ASNR’s Trainee Award for his paper, Functional Diffusion Mapping of Low Grade Glioma Response to Glioma Associated Antigen Vaccine Immunotherapy.

Andrew Degnan, second year resident, received the Harvard Emerging Leaders Program Award and will participate in the Harvard Radiology Leadership Program.

Andrew Degnan, second year resident, received the RSNA Roentgen Resident/Fellow Research Award.

Excellent performances on ABR oral certification exam by graduating seniors. Thirteen graduating residents achieved a 100% first-time pass rate and exceptional overall performance by individual section.

The third year class scored in the 96th percentile as a group on the national in-training examination administered by the American College of Radiology (ACR).

Continued academic successes for Diagnostic Radiology Residents: Number of residents who authored or co-authored a published paper: 21 Number of residents who authored or co-authored an abstracts or book chapters: 6 Number of residents who personally presented regional/state/national presentations or posters: 30 Number of residents named as author or co-author on a presentation or poster at the regional, state, or national level: 38 Multiple academic awards from national meetings including ARRS and RSNA