Artificial Intelligence in Imaging Symposium

Experts from UPMC, the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon met on Thursday May 18th at UPMC’s Bakery Square location to discuss big imaging data infrastructure and data access. To effectively leverage Artificial Intelligence in Imaging, researchers and developers need access to big clinical imaging data sets. UPMC in partnership with the University of Pittsburgh is developing the data management infrastructure and organizing the process for big data requests. The goal is to open up UPMC’s large library of imaging data in a more efficient and coordinated process, given the extreme complexity of how the data is stored. This process will be integrated into the existing infrastructure for processing big data requests of the non-imaging health record data. Representative leaders from UPMC Enterprises (Adam Berger), the Department of Radiology (Dr. Chris Deible) and the University of Pittsburgh (Dr. Johanthan Silverstein), presented the opportunity and challenges that UPMC’s data systemsalong with a framework for future imaging data request. The team hopes to be able to effectively receive and process big imaging data request in the coming months.