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David Gur, ScD


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Education Technion Israel Institute of Tech, Haifa, IsraelB.Sc.1973Physics

University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PAM.S.1976Radiation Health

University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PASc.D.1977Radiation Health

Technion Institute of Technology (Haifa, Israel)
Medical / Graduate School MS, Radiation Health, University of Pittsburgh
ScD, Radiation Health, University of Pittsburgh
Clinical / Post-doctoral Fellowship
Current American Association of Physicists in Medicine
American Heart Association, Western Pennsylvania Chapter
American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering
Medical Image Perception Society
Pennsylvania Academy of Science
Society of Blood Flow and Metabolism
Society of Photographic Instrumentation Engineers
& Programs
Digital Imaging
Radiology Informatics
Clinical Interest
Research Interest Technology and Practice Assessment.

Observer performance studies in the laboratory and to the extent possible, the clinical environment.

Resonant Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy (REIS) for early detection of breast and thyroid cancer.

Digital Breast Tomosynthesis

Quantitative analyses of chest CT for early detection of lung cancer or objective evaluation of COPD.

Statistical anaylses employing both ROC and FROC methodology.

Lung and breast cancer detection and diagnosis with CAD.
Selected Publications   1. Gur D, Rockette HE, Armfield DR, Blachar A, Bogan JK, Brancatelli G, Britton CA, Brown ML, Davis PL, Ferris JV, Fuhrman CR, Golla S, Katyal S, Lacomis JM, McCook B, Thaete FL, Warfel TE. The prevalence effect in a laboratory environment. Radiology 2003; 228:10-14

2. Gur D, Sumkin JH, Rockette HE, Ganott M, Hakim C, Hardesty L, Poller WR, Shah R, Wallace L. Changes in breast cancer detection and recall rates after the introduction of CAD. JNCI 2004; 96:185-190

3. Gur D, Sumkin JH, Hardesty LA, Clearfield RJ, Cohen CS, Ganott MA, Hakim CM, Harris KM, Poller WR, Shah R, Wallace LP, Rockette HE. Recall and detection rates in screening mammography, a review of clinical experience: Implications on practice guidelines. Cancer 2004; 100(8): 1590-1594.

4. Gur D, Stalder JS, Hardesty LA, Zheng B, Sumkin JH, Chough D, Shindel B, Rockette HE. Computer-aided detection performance in mammographic examinations of masses: assessment. Radiology, 2004; 233(2):418-423.

5. Gur D, Bandos AI, Cohen CS, Hakim CM, Hardesty LA, Ganott MA, Perrin RL, Poller WR, Shah R, Sumkin JH, Wallace LP, Rockette HE. The Laboratory Effect: Comparing Radiologists Performance and Variability during Clinical Prospective and Laboratory Mammography Interpretations. Radiology 2008; 249(1):47-53.

6. Bandos AI, Rockette HE, Song T, Gur D. Area under the Free-Response ROC Curve (FROC) and a Related Summary Index. Biometrics 2008; 65(1):247-256. (PMC2776072)

7. Gur D, Abrams GS, Chough DM, Ganott MA, Hakim CM, Perrin RL, Rathfon GY, Sumkin JH, Zuley ML, Bandos AI.Digital Breast Tomosynthesis: Observer Performance Study. AJR 2009; 193:586-591.

8. Pu J, Leader JK, Zheng B, Knollmann F, Fuhrman C, Sciurba FC, Gur D. A computational geometry approach to automated pulmonary fissure segmentation in CT examinations. IEEE Trans Med Imaging. 2009;28(5):710-719.

9. Christiane M. Hakim, MD, Denise M. Chough, MD, Marie A. Ganott, MD, Jules H. Sumkin, DO, Margarita L. Zuley, MD, David Gur, ScD. Digital Breast Tomosynthesis in the Diagnostic Environment: A Subjective Side by Side Review. AJR Aug, 2010; 195: W172 - W176.

10. Gur D, ScD; Zuley ML, MD; Anello MA, DO; Rathfon GY, MD; Chough DM, MD; Ganott MA, MD; Hakim CM, MD. Dose reduction in DBT screening using synthetically reconstructed projection images: an observer performance study. Acad Radiol. 2012 Feb;19(2):166-71.

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