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Jiantao Pu, PhD

Associate Professor of Radiology and Bioengineering

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Education Peking University, PhD in Computer Science, 2002
Huazhong University of Science & Technology (HUST), B.S. in Engineering, 1996
Huazhong University
Medical / Graduate School Peking University
Clinical / Post-doctoral Fellowship Stanford University (2005-2007)
Purdue University (2004-2005)
Current The International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE)
IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society
& Programs
Digital Imaging
Clinical Interest
Research Interest My research emphasis is on the development of novel computational tools for enabling non-invasive, quantitative, and accurate assessment of pathological conditions, ultimately advancing a deeper understanding of the underlying mechanism of diseases and facilitating the development of efficacious therapy methods.


Selected Publications   1. Pu, J., Fuhrman, C., Good, W. F., Sciurba, F. C., and Gur D. (2010). A Differential Geometric Approach to Automated Segmentation of Human Airway Tree. IEEE Trans. Medical Imaging, Vol. 30(2), pp. 266-278, 2011.

2. Pu, J., Paik, D. S., Roos, J. E., and Rubin, G. D. (2011). Shape Break-and-Repair Strategy and Its Application to Computerized Medical Image Segmentation. IEEE Trans. Visualization and Computer Graphics, Vol. 17(1), pp. 115-124.

3. Pu J, Fuhrman C, Durick J, Leader JK, Klym A, Sciurba FC, Gur D. (2010). Computerized assessment of pulmonary fissure integrity using high resolution CT. Medical Physics, Vol. 37(9), pp. 4661-4672.

4. Pu J, Gur D. (2009). Automated Freehand Segmentation Using Radial Basis Functions. Computer-aided Design, Vol. 41(2), pp. 857-864.

5. Pu, J., Zheng, B., Leader, J. K., Fuhrman, C., Knollmann, F., Klym, A., and Gur, D. (2009). Pulmonary Lobe Segmentation in CT examinations Using Implicit Surface Fitting. IEEE Trans. Medical Imaging, Vol. 28 (12), pp. 1986-1996, 2009.

6. Pu, J., Leader, J.K., Zheng, B., Knollmann, F., Fuhrman, C., Sciurba, F. C., and Gur D. (2009). A Computational Geometry Approach to Automated Pulmonary Fissure Segmentation in CT Examinations. IEEE Trans. Medical Imaging, Vol. 28(5), pp. 710-719.

7. Pu, J., Zheng, B., Leader, J. K., and Gur, D. (2008). An Automated CT Based Lung Nodule Detection Scheme Using Geometric Analysis of Signed Distance Field. Medical Physics, Vol. 35(8), pp. 3451-3461.

8. Pu, J., Roos, J.E., Rubin, G. D., Napel, S., and Paik, D. S. (2008). Adaptive Border Marching Algorithm: Automatic Lung Segmentation on Chest CT Images. Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics, Vol. 32(6), pp.452-462.

9. Pu, J., Kalyanaraman, Y., Jayanti, S., Ramani, K., and Pizlo Z. (2007). On Navigating in 2D & 3D Space for Similar Designed Models. IEEE Computer Graphics & Application, pp.38-47.

10. Pu, J., and Ramani, K. (2006). On Visual Similarity based 2D Drawing Retrieval. Computer Aided Design, Vol. 38(3): 249-259.
Honors and  
Career Development Award of Lung Cancer SPORE, University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute (UPCI)
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