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Bruce Whiting, PhD

Research Associate Professor

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Education Carnegie Mellon University, BS Physics, 1972

Carnegie Mellon University, MS Physics, 1973

Carnegie Mellon University, MS Instrumentation, 1977

Carnegie Mellon University, PhD Physics, 1977
Carnegie Mellon University
Medical / Graduate School Carnegie Mellon University, MS
Carnegie Mellon University, MS
Carnegie Mellon University, PhD
Clinical / Post-doctoral Fellowship
Current American Physical Society (1977-present);
SPIE (1992-present), conference co-chair Physics of Medical Imaging 2012-2014
American Association of Physicists in Medicine (1992-present)
Optical Society of America, Senior Member (1997-present)
IEEE ,Senior Member (1997-present);
& Programs
Digital Imaging
Clinical Interest CT imaging
Research Interest Models of physics in CT acquisition

CT reconstruction algorithms

Radiation dose reduction

Selected Publications   Williamson, J. F., B. R. Whiting, J. Benac, R. J. Murphy, G. J. Blaine, J. A. O'Sullivan, D. G. Politte and D. L. Snyder, Prospects for quantitative computed tomography imaging in the presence of foreign metal bodies using statistical image reconstruction, Med. Phys. 29, pp 1-15, 2002

Whiting, B.R., P. Massoumzadeh, O. A. Earl, J. A. O'Sullivan, D. L. Snyder and J. F. Williamson (2006). "Properties of preprocessed sinogram data in x-ray computed tomography." Med. Phys. 33(9): 3290-3303

Snyder, D.L., J. A. O'Sullivan, R. J. Murphy, D. G. Politte, B. R. Whiting and J. F. Williamson, Image Reconstruction for transmission tomography when projection data are incomplete, Phy Med Biol, 2006. 51(21) p. 5603-19.

Lasio, G.M., B.R. Whiting, J.F. Williamson, Statistical reconstruction for x-ray computed tomography using energy-integrating detectors, Phy Med Biol, 2007 52 p. 2246-2266

Gierada, D.S., T. K. Pilgram, B. R. Whiting, C. Hong, A. J. Bierhals, J. H. Kim and K. T. Bae, Comparison of standard- and low-radiation-dose CT for quantification of emphysema. AJR Am J Roentgenol, 2007. 188(1): p. 42-7.

Don, S., B. R. Whiting, J. S. Ellinwood, D. H. Foos, K. A. Kronemer and R. A. Kraus, Neonatal chest computed radiography: image processing and optimal image display. AJR Am J Roentgenol, 2007. 188(4): p. 1138-44.

Whiting, B. R., Holden, T.A., Brunsden, B.S., Finley, C.C., Skinner, M.W., Use of Computed Tomography Scans for Cochlear Implants, Journal of Digital Imaging, 2008. 21(3): p. 323-8.

Massoumzadeh, P., S. Don, C.F. Hildebolt, K.T. Bae, B.R. Whiting, "Validation of CT Dose-reduction Simulation", Medical Physics, 2009. 36(1) p. 174-189

Gierada, D. S., A. J. Bierhals, C. K. Choong, S. T. Bartel, J. H. Ritter, N. A. Das, C. Hong, T. K. Pilgram, K. T. Bae, B. R. Whiting, J. C. Woods, J. C. Hogg, B. A. Lutey, R. J. Battafarano, J. D. Cooper, B. F. Meyers and G. A. Patterson, "Effects of CT section thickness and reconstruction kernel on emphysema quantification relationship to the magnitude of the CT emphysema index," Acad Radiol (2010) 17, 146-156.

Evans, J. D. , D. G. Politte, B. R. Whiting, J. A. O'Sullivan and J. F. Williamson, "Noise-resolution tradeoffs in x-ray CT imaging: a comparison of Penalized Alternating Minimization and Filtered Backprojection algorithms," Medical Physics 38, 1444-1458 (2011).

Don, S, R. MacDougall, K. Strauss, Q. T. Moore, M. J. Goske, M. Cohen, T. Herrmann, S. D. John, L. Noble, G. Morrison, L. Lehman and B. R. Whiting, "Image gently campaign back to basics initiative: ten steps to help manage radiation dose in pediatric digital radiography," American Journal of Roentgenology 200, W431-W436 (2013).

Whiting, B.R., J. D. Evans, A. C. Dohatcu, J. F. Williamson and D. G. Politte, "Measurement of bow tie profiles in CT scanners using a real-time dosimeter," Medical physics 41, 101915 (2014).
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